Least Asked Questions: Alex LaCasse of MTN

August 7, 2018


Alex Lacasse is the founder of MTN, a video marketing company focused on converting viewers into buyers. Passionate about creating shareable and strategic content for brands and agencies alike, Alex holds over 10 years of digital media production, broadcast television and marketing experience. When he’s not on location filming for a client or tucking his kids into bed, you can catch him binge watching all the 80’s and 90’s action movies his dad raised him on


Who was your first hire? A Director of Production. Responsible for MTN’s production and post-production services. 


I started MTN, a video marketing and production company, as a one-man band. I handled all of the strategy, the storytelling, project management and production all by myself. The brand and my clients outgrew my solopreneur efforts and forced me to scale to a two-man band and so on.


What was it like the first time you had to fire someone? 

I was terrified. I put it off for far longer than I’m happy to admit. When I finally did it I was sad but knew that it was for the betterment of everyone involved. 


People say that at the end of the day, being the head of a startup is lonely because you don’t have someone to actually relate to. Do you feel that is true? 

It IS lonely but not for lack of others to relate to. There are tens of millions of entrepreneurs across the U.S. - from companies small and large. We’re all in different stages of the same pursuit. Some are succeeding and some are failing. I find the loneliness comes from the lack of vulnerability we have as business owners. Millennial entrepreneurs are only as vulnerable as our social media facades allow us to be. 


What is the worst part of starting your own business? 

I’m a creative. I don’t have an MBA. Developing a business plan and committing to a focus was hard for me. 


A lot of entrepreneurs get caught up in the worrying about things like logos. What is your best advice for them to be really worrying about? 


My logo is a graphic of a mountain with the letters “MTN” in it (the abbreviation of the word mountain). People will get it or they won’t. They often don’t. Instead, focus on your processes. These are key to healthy business growth and delivering on the promises your brand makes.  


What is the one company that you wanted to start, but never did? 


I never wanted to start a company. MTN happened despite the fact I had zero aspirations of being an entrepreneur. The name comes from the end of Dr. Suess’ “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”, a book I read to my daughter almost every night while I was trying to figure out what to do with my life after a failed attempt at a career in music. “You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!” 

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