Least Asked Questions: Chase Michaels of Locally Epic

February 1, 2018


Chase Michaels is a serial entrepreneur, who grew up in Nebraska but has lived most of his adult life in South Carolina or Florida. He has always been looking for ways to streamline a process in order to create new business.


Because of that, he realizes that success doesn’t come overnight. He spent almost seven years working on an app that could help streamline how businesses reach out to their customers. That app launched last year in Greenville.


Locally Epic engages local consumers via a mobile platform that allows them to enhance their ability to find local offers and promotions from a wide range of businesses in real time, while allowing businesses to effectively reach new audiences.


The app, which can be downloaded here or found on Itunes or GooglePlay, has about 40 business categories. More than 38,000 people have downloaded the App in the Greenville area.


In a nutshell, Locally Epic works in real time metrics as opposed to days in advance, Michaels said. For example, if a restaurant wanted to offer a lunchtime special, it does right then and there on Locally Epic. In addition, a hungry patron can learn about that offer at lunchtime when they are looking to making a decision.


But what other ideas does he have? Keep reading!


What is the one company that you wanted to start, but never did?

Dream Dinner Charities, a women’s and children based charity to escape unsafe home life. (Still in the Plans)


What is the one company you started and wished you didn’t?

i GolfBids,  it was  a penny auction golf site.


What is the worst part of starting your own business?

How much time it takes. Some people think that starting their own business creates more time to do other things. If that is the case the chances are they won't be in business long.


A lot of entrepreneurs get caught up in the worrying about things like logos. What is your best advice for them to be really worrying about?

Go make a sale. Sales take care of everything.


You play guitar. Are you trained or did you just pick it up naturally? Is that how you relax?


I start playing when I was about 9 or 10, Santa left a guitar was under the Christmas tree that year. My mom owned a bar and restaurant, and I would play at her place between the real band’s sets every weekend in the summers. 


What is the worst bill you got that you weren’t expecting?

It was a $17,000 phone bill back in 2008. Took about three months to finally get it taken off my bill. I only wish I had that many friends!

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